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Text Speaker reads documents aloud in a human voice. Press a hotkey to hear any text. Listen
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16 August 2015

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Speech is always preferred over the written words due to its ability to set up interactive communication, and help people understand the information better. Speech lays better impact on people, so why not make your presentations interactive and more effectual by converting the text into speech. This isn’t a tough task and can easily be performed using Text Speaker 3.0. The utility assists you with its effective feature-set supporting conversion of document’s text conveniently into MP3 or WAV audio files. Using the application, you can effortlessly produce audio books, and hear text from MS Word, HTML, Text, or Rich Text files. With its assistance, you can handily create narrations, proofread documents, and perform various other such functions. The text is spoken in clear and understandable human voice, adding to which you can also download new or use existing voices installed in your PC.

The appearance of the Text Speaker 3.0 is quite soothing and you can quickly begin with selecting a voice for reading your documents. Then, you’re provided quick start dialog box presenting different functions. Using these, you can Open File, Configure Voice, access Pronunciation Editor, Configure Settings, View Tutorial, or open Help Guide. Now, loading a file into the program, it’s placed at mid of the interface screen. The utility also allows you to choose multiple files that get listed below for you to mark the specific ones for conversion. Coming to the text to speech function, you can either hear the text as speech or directly convert it into audio file. While doing this, you’re also allowed to choose a new voice, set volume, speed, and pitch. If you selected to convert text files into audio, an Audio Properties dialog would be displayed presenting features to choose the audio format and related settings, add background music, and specify the output destination directory. Adding, the utility gives you liberty to alter voice properties, change word/phrases pronunciation, purchase voice, set bookmark, insert pause, voice change, spell chosen words or phrases, and modify the program configurations to your requirements.

With the Text Speaker 3.0 you can make your presentations interactive, making it easier to understand the information and concept. The tool has justifiably been assigned with 4 rating points for its smooth text to speech conversion along with its commendable feature set.

Publisher's description

Text Speaker reads any document aloud in a human voice. Listen to ebooks, reports, email, and web pages on your PC, or turn your documents into MP3 files for your Apple iPod or other audio player.
It's the perfect way to proofread. Hearing your documents makes it easy to spot mistakes.
You can also create your own audio books. Why strain your eyes reading a book on a screen, when you can relax and have it read to you in a clear, pleasant voice? Don't rent a studio or hire announcers. Turn your script directly into audio files to narrate tutorials and marketing videos.
Text Speaker is easy to learn and easy to use. You can open, edit, and save Word, PDF, RTF, and text files directly with Text Speaker. Or, work in any program and hear the selected text by pressing a hotkey.
Create Talking Reminders to keep you on schedule. Never miss a loved one's birthday, a meeting, or an appointment again!
Text Speaker's interface can be displayed in English, French, German, Portuguese, and Italian. When you switch interface languages, all menus, button labels, and messages are displayed in your selected language. With the purchase of additional Professional Voices, it can read aloud in any of these languages. The voice is so close to human, you can learn to pronounce foreign speech.
Choose between the exciting and amazingly realistic AT&T Natural Voices available at our web site, Purchase Text Speaker today for only $39.95 with the professional AT&T Mike and Crystal voices. Or purchase Text Speaker for $29.95 and choose your professional voices.
Text Speaker
Text Speaker
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